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Last updated: November 6, 2015

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Cliff and Linda Hoyt have advertising and memorabilia collections from the following individuals. (Click on the names to link to more information about any individual.)

Signs displaying the lithographers art of the 1880 and 1890.

J.C. Ayer

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from Lowell, Mass., makers of Sarsaparilla, Pills, Hair Vigor, Cherry Pectoral, Ague Cure


"Ayer's Indians" Poster

Size: 40" high by 29" wide

C.I. Hood

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from Lowell, Mass., makers of Sarsaparilla, Pills, Tooth Powder, TusSano Cure, Peptiron, etc.


Hood's Sarsaparilla"In The Light" Poster

Size: 42" high by 30" wide

E. W. Hoyt

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from Lowell, Mass., makers of German Cologne, Rubifoam for the Teeth, etc.


Hoyt's German Cologne"Girl in a Rose" Tin Sign

Size: 28" high by 22" wide

Charles Hoyt

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Theatrical Memorabilia (1880-1901) from Playwright Chas. Hoyt and his wives Flora Walsh and Caroline Miskel. Items wanted include Posters, Photographs, Programs, Playbills, Trade Cards, Sheet Music, Souvenirs e.g., 50th Performance


Charles Hoyt, "America's Prolific Author" Poster

Size: 40" high by 28" wide

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[Authors: Cliff and Linda Hoyt's collection started with the seemingly harmless discovery, in the 60's, of an old E.W. Hoyt's Rubifoam bottle on Colorado's Pikes Peak. In the early 1970's, they began concentrating on trade cards since good bottles were too expensive. Of course trade cards led to bigger and better things. The Hoyts expanded their collecting to include bottles and advertising from the Lowell Mass. companies of C.I. Hood (medicines), J.C. Ayer (medicines), and E.W. Hoyt (cologne and Rubifoam for the Teeth) starting in 1973. In addition, they collect theatrical memorabilia from playwright Charles Hoyt from the period 1885-1901. They can be reached on the Internet at: ]

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